Increase your potential of blockchain business productivity

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Transparent and
Easy to handle
API key management

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Flawless Security

  • Distributed seed phrases are encrypted, then distributed into six or more pieces and stored in MS Azure cloud


Strong Stability

  • Uses R3 Corda permissioned blockchain technology

  • Transaction volume monitored and managed

  • KYC-verified network participants


Rapid Recovery Speed

  • Permissioned blockchain technology

  • Enables rapid transaction processing

Integrating on any wallet 

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Why MasterKey? 

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Diverse and reputable partnerships

Close collaboration and connections with various key players in the ecosystem.

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Unique product offering

Different from majority of existing product offerings by focusing on retail and decentralised & non-custodian solutions

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Strong technological infrastructures

Usage of proven technology and a strong technological team to support activities

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Scalability of project

MasterKey is the first step into Digifinance’s ecosystem. Synergy with other Digifinance products

Additional Benefits

We will work with you to determine the best partnership arrangements to meet your needs

Enhance security features for wallets

Provides additional security features over the private keys, which increases customers confidence over the wallet and key management

Alternative revenue stream

Additional stream of cash flow from the partnership

  • Revenue sharing model

  • Referral fee model

Enhancing customer experience

Having a centralised dashboard will enable customers to effectively monitor their assets and potentially increases customers satisfaction

Seamless key recovery features

Reduces cost of having inhouse customer service personnel to aid in customer key recovery. Customer will be able to recover their private key through the MasterKey application

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MasterKey Keystore API

Increase your blockchain business productivity.

Create a seamless and positive user experience with private key security

We will contact you soon


Enterprise-ready technology

Protecting Digital Assets with Corda

Industry Problem

The cryptocurrency industry has experienced a rapid growth in users but the challenge of securing private keys remains. As adoption in decentralized finance (DeFi) and non-fungible tokens (NFTs) accelerates, users are increasingly looking for new ways to prevent lost or stolen keys.


MasterKey is a digital asset protection and recovery service that enables users to easily manage their private keys without the need for a centralized manangement. MasterKey encrypts private key information across Corda nodes using industry recognized standards. DigiFnance chose Corda because it provides institutional grade privacy, robust identity standards and high scalability.

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Using one of the world’s best enterprise grade blockchain technology through our partnership with R3 Corda.

​How it works

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Case study

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MasterKey Keystore API
will help you
your blockchain
business productivity.

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Michael Kiook Jeoung

Founder of DigiFinance & CEO

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Ready to open your business potential with MasterKey?