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How Can I recover Digital Assets

when I lost my Private Key?

The MasterKey team has gathered to solve the most basic problems in Digital Asset Management and Security.   

Now, the master key will be the perfect key to solve your concerns in the storage of the existing uncomfortable and uneasy private key.

Technical Brief

The "MasterKey" service presents,

  1. The world's first “non-custody” encryption key management service. “non-custody” is a method in which encryption keys are not centrally managed. In other words, it is safer from the risk of security incidents because management and storage are separated

  2. We divide passwords that make up the private key and stored in each financial cloud. By using the "Don't put all the eggs in one basket" strategy, we can protect digital assets safer from various threats such as hacking and loss. 

The safety of "MasterKey" services can be guaranteed as,

  1. By utilizing the network of R3 Corda, one of the world's best enterprise blockchain technology, the integrity and preservation of data are guaranteed at the same time.

  2. The private keys stored in each financial cloud are changed into organic passwords and managed through a blockchain algorithm. It is known that the password cannot be hacked.

도시 스카이

How can I access & use "MasterKey" service? ​

It is very simple to protect digital assets with a "MasterKey". You just need to link the "MasterKey" service through the blockchain wallet. (Currently, only  MarS Wallet and Samsung Blockchain Wallets are supported.)  ​

If you have lost your private key, it can be easily recovered through 3FA information technology that cannot be accessed by anyone except you.

"MasterKey" service

Membership Plan

The master key can securely store a private key for 24 hours and 365 days through the regular subscription model.

In addition, if you have lost your private key, you can completely recover your private key by paying a certain amount.

Digital finance Industry has grown rapidly, and so as security risks. In particular, unlike traditional finance, users' concerns are deepening in that they have to manage their personal passwords by themselves. 

"MasterKey" is a financial security service that did not exist in the past. The system kills two birds with one stone, simplicity and safety. We protect the information of both financial institutions and individuals, and will provide the best solution for safe digital financial activities. The "MasterKey" will be the key to protecting your valuable next-generation assets.


"Usually, the mnemonic key is stored in the phone notepad. If I lose my entire cell phone, it will be useless, so I was wondering where to write this down for safety. I think it's really comfortable that you don't even have to write it down in the first place."


"Storing the mnemonic key in the cloud, or leaving my key intact, no matter how large a company is, was a bit anxious, but I can trust that it is key encryption and distributed storage."

Your Asset is safe hand with us,


R3 Enterprise Solution Partnership


KOSCOM Partnership on Digital Finance Blockchain Technology


Partnership with UNESCO on Blockchain based Crowd Funding Partnership


Microsoft ISV Partnership


R3 Tier-1 CBDC Working Group Member


Fastest Growing Blockchain Startup


Launching digital asset security services in Korea for the first time!

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