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Enhance Cryptocurrency Wallet Security to Next Level

  • MasterKey API provides top-of-the-class private key/mnemonic security for the  cryptocurrency wallet

  • Microsoft Azure and Polygon Supported Enterprise  Security Solution

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API-Based Key Management Service

  • Transparent and Intuitive Dashboard

  • Manage Key Stores/Recovery

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Enhanced Algorithmic Security

  • Private keys protected with 3FA will be algorithmically encrypted, then split into multiples of data and stored in cloud infrastructure


On-Chain capability and transparency

  • API Mnemonic insurance/ Request History

  • Daily/Total Transaction Count

  • KYC verified network participants


Private Key recover made simple and fast

  • Permissionless blockchain technology(Polygon)

  • Rapid process/transaction

Universal to any wallet 

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Why MasterKey API for your Wallet Provision

Physical Threat

Loss of paper, device damage, and lack of security

Digital Threat

Possibility of hacking file corrupted

  • Most users may have their own safe mnemonic storage method or are unaware of it

  • Even such methods are not free from physical constraints (possibility of damage, loss) and digital constraints (possibility of hacking)

  • The Master Key will function as an insurance policy for the unexpected risk

Benefit as Wallet Provider and User

Wallet Provider

  • Provides secure private Key protection/recovery solutions for the community

  • Enhancing marketing on digital asset  security

Wallet User

  • No need to write down or save it, or leave it with custody

  • Users don't have to be nervous or frustrated anymore even if they lose the key(On cloud or digital capture)

  • If users lose their private key, there always is an airbag to recover it safely

Why Should You Work with US?

We will work with you to determine the best partnership arrangements to meet your needs

Security enhancement for your wallet

Security enhancement through private key protection will increase customer confidence over wallet usage

Additional feature-set

  • Legacy and inheritance model (Coming soon)

  • Digital wealth transfer (Coming soon

Enhancing customer digital journey

Offered dashboard will be able to effectively monitor their key encryption/decryption activities and able to handle the risk circumstances 

Revenue stream

  • Revenue sharing model through API count

  • Referrals

Works with Available MasterKey App

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Enterprise-ready technology

Protecting Digital Assets with Polygon

Industry Problem

The cryptocurrency industry has experienced a rapid growth in users but the challenge of securing private keys remains. As adoption in decentralized finance (DeFi) and non-fungible tokens (NFTs) accelerates, users are increasingly looking for new ways to prevent lost or stolen keys.


MasterKey is a digital asset protection and recovery service that enables users to easily manage their private keys without the need for a centralized manangement. MasterKey encrypts private key information across Corda nodes using industry recognized standards. DigiFnance chose Corda because it provides institutional grade privacy, robust identity standards and high scalability.

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Using blockchain technology through our partnership with Polygon

Case study

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Join us to become a more protected digital security ecosystem

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