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Why need MasterKey?

Even now, asset loss due to loss of private key continues to occur.

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Master key prevents asset loss in advance

MasterKey helps users independently manage their funds by protecting the private key (mnemonic key) that can access digital assets. It provides private key protection services for various types of wallets regardless of the number of mnemonics, and hot or cold wallet, and can protect and manage DeFi service and NFT collection assets.

Thorough security


Non-custodial management refers to a method in which the encryption key is not managed in a centralized manner, and the encryption key is distributed and stored in multiple financial clouds. Users can safely protect their assets from various security incidents such as hacking and loss through “Don't put all your eggs in one basket” strategy.

MasterKey utilizes Polygon chain to ensure the integrity and preservation of data at the same time. The private key stored in each financial cloud is changed to an organic password through a blockchain algorithm. These passwords are known to be non-hackable.

Personal information and private key (or recovery phrase) stored in MasterKey cannot be accessed by the MasterKey company itself, and only the person who has authenticated the identity has the right to access. All datas are encrypted on the user's personal terminal, and MasterKey server receives only the already encrypted mnemonic text. Likewise, since the decryption of the mnemonic is also performed on the personal terminal, MasterKey is absolutely impossible to access the personal information. Storing memo in MasterKey can also be used with confidence.

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Download MasterKey and protect your seed phrase

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