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one security for all digital assets

Highly secured and
Easy-to-use private Key master service

The private key is the single, most important phase to grant your digital assets.

MasterKey allows you secure and manage your private key within a few minutes.

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the safest virtual vault

Safe it in the safest virtual vault powered by cryptography, distributed DB and what more.

It can be 100% recovered whenever, wherever it is needed.

What would you do if you lost your device, password, or even private key to access your wallet? MasterKey provides the simplest way to prevent digital assets from being lost. It provides sophisticated algorithms and architecture to help protect seed phrases of crypto/digital asset private keys before they are lost. 

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1. e-mail

2. SMS

3. name&

Rock solid security

Easy and fast 3-step identity verification which you are the only private information owner

1. Storing Your Key

For the user to enter a green zone of protecting their private key, a user must complete three simple steps to verify one’s identity 1) E-mail 2) SMS 3) Name & Birthday authentication. No third-party or service provider engages in part of the process, all the information is your discretion and privacy. It is designed to make the process simple yet safe. 

2. Restoring Your Key

Recovery of the private key is simple. You must provide your own three authentication information which was provided during the service registration phase (Protection phase). Private key/access to your wallet is granted once identification information matches the owner.

enterprise ready service

Supports Enterprise-grade Blockchain network an API

We offer B2B2C enterprise-grade non-custodian private key management solutions. API allows it easy for B2B to offer services partnering with MasterKey. MasterKey offers a private key protection service partnering with R3 Corda. Corda network is a centralized permission-based financial blockchain that values ​​rapid transaction processing and privacy.​

The stored seed phrases are encrypted then distributed and stored in securely designed cloud architecture using notarization on R3 Corda blockchain nodes. Each stored seed phrase is encrypted with special algorithm making it impossible to hack. ​

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All your favorite assets are now lost-proof

Single subscription to protect all your digital assets.​

From crytpo, digital assets, DeFi, to NFTs.​

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How does MasterKey work?

Technical brief of how MasterKey works


What our users say

EK Han

"Usually, the mnemonic key is stored in the phone notepad. If I lose my entire cell phone, it will be useless, so I was wondering where to write this down for safety. I think it's really comfortable that you don't even have to write it down in the first place."

Jeny Kim

"Storing the mnemonic key in the cloud, or leaving my key intact, no matter how large a company is, was a bit anxious, but I can trust that it is key encryption and distributed storage."

Anonymous user

"If I lose my paper or USB that contains mnemonic or change my phone, I will use it as a last resort"

Allen Choi

" The subscription fee is quite reasonable for protecting all wallets I have. I use 7 wallets. It's been hard to manage all."

David H Wong

" It's like an insurance for all my assets."

R3 Enterprise Solution Partnership

KOSCOM Partnership on Digital Finance Blockchain Technology

Partnership with UNESCO on

blockchain based crowd funding partnership

Microsoft ISV partnership

R3 Tier-1 CBDC working group member

Fastest growing blockchain startup

1. Store your key

Easy registration​ with any wallet

Fixed monthly subscription​

No limit of wallet numbers to store

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2. Restore your key

Immediate restoration after 3FA verification

Fixed/percentage fee for restoration

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It's simple to use

how to use

​Check the how-to video

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