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Powerful Web3 Wallet with Private Key Protection & Recovery

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Private Key Recovery Service via MasterKey

MarS supports to ‘Masterkey’ security feature to recover your private key (seed phareses) with your 3FA information

Security Made Easy and Simple

You can simply login into your MarS wallet using biometric, pin number to access.

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Supports Bitcoin, Ethereum, ERC-20 altcoins and Bitcoin Cash

MarS supports BTC, ETH, ERC-20 alternative coins.

Newly supports Aergo layer-1 protocol (ARC/ ERC-20)

Web 3.0
Extension wallet,
Now features NFT

(Collect, View, Transfer)

MarS, now supports NFT as new expansion to Web3.0 ecosystem
(Aergo, main-net NFT is now available)
You can now collect, view and transfer your NFT collections on MarS wallet 

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Supports QR code creation for itemized digital asset transfer

You can simply create a QR code to send/receive itemized asset

Ex) Ebay, Carousell item transection using QR code (Transfer protocol type, quantity and item name)

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