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NFT, DeFi Financial Security Feature Add-on, All Decentralized Crypto Wallet Support via MasterKey

Technology Milestone: NFT, DeFi Financial Security Feature Add-on, 3rd Party Wallet Support via MasterKey

MasterKey version 0.1.1G is now officially available on Google Play Store and 0.1.1S on Samsung Galaxy Store. New feature set has been added to secure NFT (Non-fungible Token) supported wallet.

NFT and DeFi services, which have recently exploded with users, operate on a blockchain network and are decentralized solutions, which further emphasizes the user’s responsibility in managing private keys.

◼ New Add-on feature allows mnemonics from 12 to 36 words so that all decentralized wallet mnemonics can be stored

◼ Solves fundamental security problems of users of all decentralized services which includes NFT

◼ Non-custodian service, which does not directly store keys or assets, but distributes related data through encryption algorithms based on the R3 Corda network and cloud. With personal 3FA authentication method, only you can recover your own keys.


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