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Self-Secured Custody (Wallet Private Key) for digital assets: MasterKey 2.0 attracts 2,000+ Users

As of MasterKey 2.0 launch in December 2022, MasterKey now has 2,000+ newly subscribed and private key protected users using its new Polygon and Microsoft Azure infrastructure.

Demand for wallet private key protection is rising due to the bankruptcy of FTX, and its $372M vanished in a hack after its collapse. Not only is FTX part of the reason, but in 2022, it was all about crypto hedge funds and the related party having no governance and custody for its asset under management. Therefore, digital asset and crypto holders feel much safer holding on to their assets via wallet. We are now back to basics. Blockchain is built to irradicate 3rd parties from intruding to take advantage of your asset.

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